Questions delivery, setup and installation

Servicetekniker kopimaskin
In delivery, setup and installation it is important that we get as accurate information as possible.

Copy/print machine is a heavy object, which needs in most cases, to be handled by several people.

  • At least two or more people has to be involved placing printer at location.
  • It is much packaging that needs to be removed.
  • It has to be placed onsite nearby power supply and network connection.
  • It needs configured with user setup in network internally or by external IT supplier.

Problems often occurs with delivery due to lack of information like stairs, no network connection, no person available at site, firewall IT supplier etc.
In addition it can also be problems with setup printer third party software installed on computer like DAK/DAP and 3D software which is not being informed about in advance.

This can make problems for courier in delivery and our service technicians in installation of copy/print machine. They will used extra time.

It is important that we get answers on most of our questions. This will benefit all.

By using your own SMTP partner please have ready password and/or contact person IT partner.
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